Our History

Established in 1952, “Ann’s Restaurant” was originally known as “Alta’s place,” and became a landmark in downtown Franklin.

The original restaurant, consisting of 13 seats, was located in the former Suckow Building at 99 West Jefferson. The doors were open 24-hours a day, with the workload split into two 12-hours shifts shared by the original owners, Alta Spicer and her brother, Elton Leach. Business was good, with all seats occupied and a line of customers waiting to get inside. Twenty Cents would purchase a hamburger and a cup of coffee. “Alta’s” was a popular spot with the locals, including Franklin College students, Arvin factory employees and Camp Atterbury servicemen.

Progress often demands change and the face of Franklin was altered. The Suckow Building was razed and “Alta’s” relocated to 77 West Monroe Street. Floyd and Erzel Vanlaningham erected a new building at this location which housed “Alta’s Place” and the local bus station. The restaurant’s increased size provided seating for 30 customers.

Following Elton Leach’s death in 1966, Ann Daugherty became business partners with her sister, Alta. Following Alta’s retirement, Ann purchased the building in 1966, became the sole proprietor and changed the name to “Ann’s Restaurant.”

On August 31, 1987 a fire completely destroyed the building, Ann’s Restaurant was rebuilt and reopened December 14, 1987 with a seating capacity of 100. When it reopened, “Ann’s” was the oldest restaurant in Franklin with the newest look. The “Loft” and “Upper Room” continues to be two unique features in the new building.

Today “Ann’s” continues to be a family-oriented restaurant and many of the original customers of “Alta’s” continue to frequent “Ann’s.”

For the public’s health and dining enjoyment, “Ann’s” became a smoke free environment on January 12, 1998.

July 1, 1998 “Ann’s” was leased by Tara Treatment Center, Inc. and in the future all revenues will be utilized to support the efforts of the Center.

We express our gratitude to our loyal customers, who, over the years have become our friends.